Tuesday, May 6, 2014

MapR commands - 3 Mirror

  • Local/Remote mirror

maprcli volume create  -name mynamevol_mirror1 -source mynamevol@mynamecluster -path /mynamevol_mirror1 -type 1
maprcli volume create  -name mynamevol_mirror2 -source mynamevol@mynamecluster -path /mynamevol_mirror2 -type 1
maprcli volume link create -volume mynamevol -type mirror -path /maprfs::mirror::mynamevol 
[root@mdw ~]# maprcli volume mirror push -name mynamevol
Starting mirroring of volume mynamevol_mirror2
Starting mirroring of volume mynamevol_mirror1
Mirroring complete for volume mynamevol_mirror1
Mirroring complete for volume mynamevol_mirror2
Successfully completed mirror push to all local mirrors of volume mynamevol 
[root@mdw ~]# maprcli volume mirror start -full false -name mynamevol_mirror1
Started mirror operation for volume(s) 'mynamevol_mirror1'
[gpadmin@mdw myname]$ maprcli volume mirror stop -name mynamevol_mirror1
Stopped mirror operation for 'mynamevol_mirror1

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