Friday, September 2, 2016

Quickstart for SQL workbench connecting to Apache Drill cluster


This is a quick start for using SQL workbench connecting to Apache Drill cluster.


Drill 1.6
SQL workbench Build 121 for Mac


1. Download and Install SQL workbench for Mac from above link 

2. Download and copy the MapR Drill JDBC driver jar file to Mac

Following this MapR Doc link to get the download link for latest MapR Drill JDBC driver.
For example, current MapR Drill JDBC driver link is:

Download and unzip the jars into below location on your mac for example:
Please note, all the jars from the zip file is needed in the next steps.

3. Add Drill JDBC Driver to SQL workbench

Click "Manage Driver" button and then "Create a new entry" to add Drill JDBC Driver:

4. Create a new Profile using above Drill JDBC Driver

And click "test" connection button:

 5. Open the Profile and run queries

6. Click "Show Dbtree" button to list all tables

7. Click "Database Explorer" button to explorer each table

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