Thursday, February 25, 2016

How to create custom UDF for Apache Drill


Drill 1.4
MapR 5.0


How to create custom UDF for Apache Drill


1. Create UDF java code

Refer to documentation:
Sample code is:
a. Make sure UDF code has the annotation which contains the function name.
For example in
@FunctionTemplate(name = "dup_string", scope = FunctionScope.SIMPLE, nulls = NullHandling.NULL_IF_NULL)
b. Make sure UDF code package contains a drill-module.conf with the classpath inside.
[root@v1 DrillUDF]# cat src/main/resources/drill-module.conf
drill.classpath.scanning.packages += "openkb.drill.udf"
c. Build
mvn clean package

2. Put the JAR file into /jars/3rdparty directory on all Drill nodes.

clush -a cp /xxx/target/*.jar /opt/mapr/drill/drill-1.4.0/jars/3rdparty/

3. Restart all drill-bits.

maprcli node services -name drill-bits -action restart -filter csvc=="drill-bits"

4. Test the UDF in Drill

> select myaddints(1.2, 3.2) from sys.version;
| EXPR$0  |
| 4.4     |
1 row selected (0.409 seconds)

> select dup_string('abc',3) from sys.version;
|   EXPR$0   |
| abcabcabc  |
1 row selected (2.839 seconds)

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