Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Drill JIRAs

This is to track the Drill JIRAs created by me.
1. DRILL-1290 -- Creating storage plugin for "hdfs:///" failed with "Unable to create/ update plugin: myhdfs"
2.  DRILL-1291 -- If typing up botton in SQLline to show previous SQL in history, it only shows last line.
3. DRILL-1321 -- SQL ending with semicolon will fail on Web Query GUI page
4. DRILL-1325 -- SQL with non-equal join failed.
5. DRILL-1326 -- Running Queries is not cleaned in query GUI
6. DRILL-1327 -- Any subsequent query may hung in sqlline after you cancel one query in the same session
7. DRILL-1349 -- Could not find schemas when using drill ODBC connecting to Tableau 8.2
8. DRILL-1363 -- Needs support matrix between drill and other BI tools
9. DRILL-1645 -- Can not query any column if the row size is larger than 128K
10. DRILL-1650 -- repeated_count does not work for multi-level array data type?
11. DRILL-1656 -- Multiple wildcards(*) are not supported
12. DRILL-1679 -- regexp_replace can not work well with flatten function
13. DRILL-1706 -- date_sub function does not accept string as input in Drill
14. DRILL-1736 -- Cannot cast to other data types after using flatten + convert_from('json')
15. DRILL-1741 -- kvgen does not work with nested map/unions
16. DRILL-1749 -- Flatten does not work with nested maps/unions.
17. DRILL-1766 -- kvgen+faltten fails "Unable to find holder type for minorType: LATE"
18. DRILL-1773 -- Issues when using JAVA code thourgh Drill JDBC driver
19. DRILL-1794  -- Can not make files with extension "log" to be recognized as json format?
20. DRILL-2055 --  Drill should error out for Invalid json file if it has the same map key names.
21. DRILL-2927 -- Pending query in resource queue starts after timeout
22. DRILL-3110 -- org.apache.drill.exec.rpc.RpcException: Data not accepted downstream.
23. DRILL-3118 -- "java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException" if the source data has a "dir0" column
24. DRILL-3119 -- Query stays in "CANCELLATION_REQUESTED" status in UI after OOM of Direct buffer memory
25. DRILL-3121 -- Hive partition pruning is not happening
26. DRILL-3579 -- Drill on Hive query fails if partition table has __HIVE_DEFAULT_PARTITION__
27. DRILL-3621 -- Wrong results when Drill on Hbase query contains rowkey "or" or "IN"
28. DRILL-3678 -- Plan generating for Drill on Hive takes huge java heap size
29. DRILL-3688 -- Drill should honor "skip.header.line.count" attribute of Hive table
30. DRILL-3710 -- Make the 20 in-list optimization configurable
31. DRILL-3727 -- Drill should return NULL instead of failure if cast column is empty

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