Sunday, June 15, 2014

How to populate a large hbase table

Sometime if you want to create a large sample table in hbase to do some performance test, here is the way:
1. Create a table with pre-split points according to expected size of the table.
create 'mytesttable', 'mycf', { SPLITS => ['200000', '400000', '600000' , '800000'] }
2. Insert as much data as you want using hbase shell.
You can ctrl-c if you want to stop inserting.

for a in '0'..'9' do 
for b in '0'..'9' do 
for c in '0'..'9' do 
for d in '0'..'9' do 
for e in '0'..'9' do 
for f in '0'..'9' do 
for g in '0'..'9' do 
for h in '0'..'9' do 
put 'mytesttable', "#{a}#{b}#{c}#{d}#{e}#{f}#{g}#{h}", "mycf:col1", "data-value-is-#{a}#{b}#{c}#{d}#{e}#{f}#{g}#{h}" 
end end end end end end end end
3. Check the count of table
hbase(main):005:0> count 'mytesttable', CACHE=>1000000 ,INTERVAL => 1000000
Current count: 1000000, row: 00999999
1283384 row(s) in 13.8240 seconds

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