Monday, May 12, 2014

Useful OpenManage Server Administrator(omreport) commands for Dell server

The OpenManage command line interface allows you to check the state of your hardware and do hardware settings.
Below commands are quick reference for Dell server, you can always use "omhelp omreport" commands to show help manual of "omreport".

1. System component properties.

  • System logs
omreport system alertlog  --View alert log.
omreport system esmlog    --View hardware (Embedded System Management) log.
omreport system cmdlog    --View command log.
  • OS
omreport system operatingsystem
  • Summary of all system components(Including major components versions)
omreport system summary
  • Version report for all updateable components.
(Including BIOS,OS and controller versions)
omreport system version

2. Chassis component properties.

  • Power (Check power peak stats and threshold)
omreport chassis pwrmonitoring
  • Check power capacity
omreport chassis pwrmanagement
  • Power health status
omreport chassis pwrsupplies
  • Fans
omreport chassis fans|grep -i stat
  • Memory
omreport chassis memory|egrep "Index|Status"
  • NICs
omreport chassis nics|egrep "Name|Status"
  • CPUs
omreport chassis processors
  • Temperatures
omreport chassis temps
  • Voltage
omreport chassis volts|egrep "Index|Status"
  • Battery of CMOS
omreport chassis batteries

3. Display storage component properties.

  • Physical Disk Status
omreport storage pdisk controller=0|egrep "^ID |Status|State|Failure"
  • Logical Disk Status
omreport storage vdisk|egrep "^Name|State|Write|Read"
  • Controller Status
omreport storage controller|egrep "^ID|^State|^Status|^Firmware"
  • Controller Battery
omreport storage battery
  • Controller Connecter Status
omreport storage connector controller=0|egrep "^ID|Status"

4. Controller Battery related

  • Generate controller log
omconfig storage controller action=exportlog controller=0
  • Check Manufacture Name
# logfile=`ls -t /var/log/lsi*.log|head -1`;cat $logfile | grep 'Manufacturer Name' | head -n 1; omreport chassis info | grep 'Chassis Service Tag'
T5:     Manufacturer Name        : xxx-xxx.x
Chassis Service Tag                      : xxxxxx
  • Check remaining&full capacity
# logfile=`ls -t /var/log/lsi*.log|head -1`;cat $logfile | grep -A 8 'BATTERY MONITORED INFORMATION' |tail -8| cut -c 6-
 Temperature             : 28 C                  Voltage             : 4066 V
 Current                 : 0 mA                  GasGaugeStat        : 40e0
 GPID                    : 81110d2               ChargerStatus       : 2
 Remaining Capacity      : 1612 mAh              Full Charge Capacity: 1625 mAh
 Relative Stat of Charge : 100 %                 FwBBUState          : 1

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