Monday, May 12, 2014

Useful commands for Intel server

  • CmdTool2

Refer to Intel RAID Controller Command Line Tool 2 User Guide
[E0:S0,E1:S1,……]: Specifies when one or more physical devices need(s) to be specified in
the command line. Each [E:S] pair specifies one physical device where E means device ID of
the enclosure in which a drive resides, and S means the slot number of the enclosure.
ControllerCmdTool2 -AdpAllInfo -aALL
Physical diskCmdTool2 -pdlist -aALL | egrep  "Adapter|Enclosure|Slot Number|Firmware state"
Virtual diskCmdTool2 -LDInfo -Lall -aALL
Physical disks <=>Virtual disksCmdTool2 -LDPDInfo -aALL
Clear the RAID controller configurationCmdTool2 -CfgClr -a0
Delete logical disks from a RAID controllerCmdTool2 -CfgLdDel -lALL -aALL
Offline physical diskCmdTool2 -PDOffline -start -PhysDrv[E:S] -a0
Rebuild physical diskCmdTool2 -PDRbld -start PhysDrv[E:S] -a0
Online physical diskCmdTool2 -PDOnline -PhysDrv[E:S] -a0
Initiate Copyback manually when Unconfigured(Good)CmdTool2 -pdcpybk -start -PhysDrv[E:S,E:S] -a0
Monitor disk build progressCmdTool2 -pdrbld -progdsply -PhysDrv[E:S] -a0
Change LD to writeback policyCmdTool2 -LDSetProp -WB -L0 -a0
Even Log(Last 50 entries)CmdTool2 -AdpEventLog GetLatest 50 -f eventlog.out -aALL
Controller logCmdTool2 -AdpAliLog -aAll > saslog.txt
  • ipmiutil

Power up serveripmiutil power -c -N server-sp -U root -P password
Power down serveripmiutil power -d -N server-sp -U root -P password
Power cycle serveripmiutil power -c -N server-sp -U root -P password
Consoleipmitool sdr list all server-sp -U root -p password
Check power supplyipmitool sdr type "Power Supply"
Check Temperatureipmitool sdr type Temperature
Check Fansipmiutil sensor | grep "System Fan"
Dump BMC sensorsipmitool sdr list all server-sp -U root -p password
System event logipmiutil sel

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