Tuesday, May 6, 2014

MapR commands - 1 Getting started

  • Bringing up cluster

Start ZooKeeper on all nodes where it is installed, by issuing the following command:
/etc/init.d/mapr-zookeeper start
On one of the CLDB nodes and the node running the mapr-webserver service, start the warden:
/etc/init.d/mapr-warden start
On the running CLDB node, issue the following command to give full permission to the chosen administrative user:
/opt/mapr/bin/maprcli acl edit -type cluster -user <user>:fc
  • Get License

Execute the following command on the running CLDB node (node 1)
/opt/mapr/bin/maprcli acl edit -type cluster -user <user>:fc
On all other nodes, execute the following command:
/etc/init.d/mapr-warden start
  • Setting Up the Administrative User

Log on to any cluster node as root:
sudo /opt/mapr/bin/maprcli acl edit -type cluster -user <user>:fc

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