Wednesday, May 7, 2014

MapR commands - 10 Users and Groups

  • List entity usage

maprcli entity list
  • Cluster Permissions

login(including cv): Log in to the Control System, use the API and command-line interface, read access on cluster and volumes
ss:Start/stop services
cv:Create volumes
a:Admin access
fc:Full control (administrative access and permission to change the cluster ACL)
  • Volume Permission

dump:Dump the volume
restore:Mirror or restore the volume
m:Modify volume properties, create and delete snapshots
d:Delete a volume
fc:Full control (admin access and permission to change volume ACL)
  • List ACL

# maprcli acl show -type cluster
Principal     Allowed actions         
User root     [login, ss, cv, a, fc]  
User gpadmin  [login, ss, cv, a, fc] 
# maprcli acl show -type volume -name mynamevol -user root
Principal  Allowed actions            
User root  [dump, restore, m, d, fc] 
  • Modify ACL for a user

maprcli acl edit -type cluster -user myname:cv
maprcli acl edit -type cluster -user myname:a
maprcli acl edit -type volume -name mynamevol -user myname:m
  • Modify ACL for a whole cluster or volume

maprcli acl set -type volume -name test-volume -user jsmith:dump,restore,m rjones:fc
  • Volume Quotum

maprcli volume modify -name mynamevol -quota 2G
  • Entity Quotum

maprcli entity modify -type 0 -name myname -quota 1T

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