Thursday, May 8, 2014

How to clear error counter of ethtool and ifconfig

When commands "ethtool -S eth2" or "ifconfig -a" show network errors, the errors are accumulated.
If we want to confirm if the network issue is already fixed or not, we can clear the network error counter and then monitor the system for some days under normal workload.
This is to check if the network error counter is still increasing quickly or not.
How to clear error counter of ethtool and ifconfig? Here are 2 ways:
1. Reboot server
2. Use below commands to clear the counter:
To reset:
bcu ethport --statsclr 1/0
To check:
bcu ethport --stats 1/0
(PS: "1/0" stands for eth2 and "1/1" stands for eth3)

  • One example

Before clearing:
[root@xxx ~]# ethtool -S eth2
rx_fifo_errors: 4024
[root@xxx ~]# bcu ethport --statsclr 1/0
Successfully reset the ethernet port stats
After clearing:
[root@xxx ~]# ethtool -S eth2
(...)rx_fifo_errors: 0

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  1. BCU - it's a package from broadcom? I don't see any packages with bcu executable binary


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